Something Before the Blues
"African Rhythms like they've never been heard before"

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An Urban Tribal Experience

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Before music, there was earth, before the blues, it was raw. Sit back and enjoy something before the blues...

Raw Earth and tribal dancers on stage at The Way Out Club, BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups, plus jaming a few years back at the Jefferson Underground Art Gallery.


Band Members
Ivan Martin (2006): Lead percussion/vocals
Scott "Bonedog" Miller (2006): Bones/bodhran/percussion
Steve Lewis (2006): Djembe/conga/dunduns
Jan Marra (2008): Vocals/bass guitar
Michael Martin (2008): Djembe/tubano/keyboard
Rick "Graybeard" Costa (2010): Doumbek/riq/percussion
Dan Higgins (2010): Banjo/fiddle
Charles Pool (
2011): Fiddle
Seth Weismann
(2011): Clarinet
Carol Clark (2012): flute/woodwinds

Band Member Archive
Kohl Martin
(2006-2011): Saxophone/flute
Chris Otto
(2006-2007): Native American flute
Doug Roach (2006-2007): Keyboard
John Tyler
(2006-2007): Kalimba/djembe
Steve Campbell
(2007-2008): Bass guitar
Ken Laux (2007-2010): Mandolin/vocals/percussion
Marilyn Pastera
(2007-2008): Vocals
Grant Withers (2011-2012): Electric guitar/bouzouki

Tribal Dancers
Baraka (2010)
Angel (2011)
Sherri (2012)

Tribal Dancer Archive